Rehab Valuator Software Review

If you wholesale or rehab properties, (or if you would like to learn specifically how to), I have something really cool for you!

A brand new software application called Rehab Valuator and you can get your hands on the “lite” version completely free!

Rehab Valuator Software Review

This may actually transform the way you do your real estate business, especially if you are:

Not sure what to offer for a property
Aren’t sure which deals are good and which ones are complete flops
Do not know effective ways to advertise your wholesale deals the proper way
Struggling to close deals and build reputation with investors
Fed up with wasting time number-crunching instead of concentrating on doing actual deals!

Real Estate Wholesalers:

Use the Maximum Offer Calculator to know exactly what to offer on any type of property!
Look at 2 different exit strategies for your wholesaler prospects!
Filter out which deals to pursue based upon what your buyers really want, all in seconds!
Put together a powerful property marketing summary you can send your buyers!

Property Rehabbers:

Evaluate what to pay for any property in seconds!
Evaluate cash deals or ones that require financing
Figure out the best exit strategy for any property
Flip the property for quick wholesale profit, or Refinance and Hold in your Rental Portfolio.
Calculate your potential Flip Profit!
Enter your Rehab Budget, Financing Assumptions, Holding Costs, Closing Costs to determine whether the deal will work.
Create professional Property Presentations to lenders, partners or buyers with the click of a mouse!
Make better choices and faster decisions â without the headache and hours of number-crunching.
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Rehab Valuator Lite software is a simple, FREE real estate investment analysis and property marketing software program for the wholesaler, rehabber and real estate investor.